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  • This site contains images of people engaged in sexual activity with each other.
  • This site contains Cuckold Fantasies of people having "Forced" sex with other people. These are people living out their sexual fantasies in a healthy way, they are not factual scenarios or rape.
  • Where we use the terms "Forced" or "Made To", the action is the acting out of fantasies discussed by the cuckold and his hotwife in advance.
  • Everyone involved in the cuckold scene is aware that they are involved in acting out fantasies.

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Cuckold Terminology

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A Hotwife is a woman who has sex with other men, sometimes allowing her cuckold to watch, but often going home to her Cuckold husband and telling him what she has been doing.


A Cuckold is a man whose Hotwife has sex with other guys. Sometimes he is allowed to watch, often he has to wait for his hotwife to come home and tell him her adventures.

Cuckold Cleanups

Cuckold Cleanups are where the Hotwife allows her lover to come inside her, then she "forces" her Cuckold husband lick her pussy (& sometimes her lovers cock) clean.


A Bull is a man who likes to get women pregnant. In some cases a Hotwife will deliberatly get pregnant by her lover (usually with the knowledge of her Cuckold) husband.

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